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A unique blend of thrash metal, acid techno and alternative rock with rave undertones, make TRIBAZIK one the most exciting bands on the UK scene. Their driving energy, powerful vocals and intense electronic
effects will leave you begging for more.
This London-based trio rejectsvthe banal, taking a new look at fusing
musical genres and creating a unique sound.
Originally playing out in both metal events and underground parties Jerry Kandiah and Hedge Seel joined forces and began their experimental journey to combine their influences. Hedge integrates the Roland TD5-K electronic kit with his acoustic drum kit, while Jerry uses a Guitar to Midi set up, both of which trigger real time sounds. Random sample loops from analogue equipment (including Roland TB303, Monopoly, Novation, Juno 106 etc.)
are created, transferred to electronic drum pads, then thrashed out
with heavy/melodic guitar, mad beats, unique arrangements and unusual time signatures. The result has been described as like Captain Beefheart jamming with Soulfly or a Thrash band playing at an old-school acid techno rave.
After hearing the 303 ridden ‘Yang To Yin’, bassist Paul Raven invited the band to support Killing Joke on twoEuropean tours.
TRIBAZIK released their debut album All Blood is Red through Eastworld in
March 2009. Mixed by Andy Gill (Gang of Four), Jaz Coleman added his own vocals to ‘Molten’ and appeared on the accompanying music video (released in April this year).
Syan joined the band in early 2009 – her bass playing providing the driving force that propels TRIBAZIK’s sound. Thus the trio were formed.
New album DATA WARFARE by London-based three-piece TRIBAZIK.
Mixed by Youth & Michael Rendall.
Available at www.tribazik.com. A cross-gere exploration of Acid-Thrash, Psychedelic, Rave-Metal, Breakbeat, Alt. Rock, Dance & Electro.
‘This is the sort of music that instantly spawns a scene. Tribazik will triumph because their songs are catchy, they don’t sound like anyone else, and they’ve got a such an infectious sense of energy that they’re
fun to indulge to.
“Tribazik has delivered an addictive record and with this kind of catchy music watch out for them conquering the festival stages this summer.”
Vocals/Guitar: Jerry Kandiah Drums/Percussions: Hedge Seel Bass: Syan
  035873 40192  
    0171 8996468